Programming of 4G/GSM modules

Here you can parameter your device in just a few steps.

1. SIM card must be activated and phone number known
2. The PIN of your SIM-card must be deactivated (if necessary deactivate it in your smartphone)
3. SIM card must be inserted in 4G/GSM device
4. Machine is connected to power supply and ready for operation
5. Program the 4G/GSM via Bergmann Server or manually via SMS commands

Configuration of 4G/GSM via SMS commands

INF?Status and position query, answer comes via SMS
CFG?= EmailStatus, Position and Configuration query, answer comes via email
!RESETReset blocking times, restart module
CFG1=type;serial number;location;
CFG2=Message input1 e.g. Full Signal 75%
CFG3=Message input2 e.g. Full Signal 100%
CFG4=Recipient1, phone number or email address
CFG5=Recipient2, phone number or email address
CFG6=Recipient3, phone number or email address
CFG7=Recipient4, phone number or email address
CFG8=Recipient5, phone number or email address